Thursday, July 7, 2011

shutting down/ terminate my blog

hey you,
i'm terminating my blog and going to
start a tumblr.
it's because i find it ''malas'' to write a LOT and i also prefers pictures

so if ur interested, do check my new tumblr on
i just started so, it shows how lil i posted.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

problems : now & future

sometimes, when we encounter a big mess,
problems or accident (something happen), we tend to panic or do things that will create much much more problems to where we are now and thus, affect our future.
does anybody get what i mean?

below is just an example, not real, just an example


NOW i am about to take my driving practical test
then, my friend call and tell me that i failed my maths paper

i panic, think about it so much during the practical test, and failed the test as well as
the practical

And my FUTURE is......
i have to take both resit for my maths and also my driving practical test!! and i also gotta pay extra for another test!! and i might not have to go to that party i wanted to go so much coz i have my next driving test on that same day!

this things will probably affect something else too sampai bila2 sambung sambung sambung

so, the moral of the story that i just made up is that, even if we have problems RIGHT NOW, don't let it bother u so much until it affect the other aspects of ur life. deal with it separately and always remember to keep calm and be cool (poker face). if u can't handle it, talk to someone you really2 trust :)

its not the end of the world

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i went to get back my 35mm Kodak processed film.
the guy at the store said that the film was overexposed :O
it was probably due to me using a 35mm in a 120mm camera and diddn't cover
some of the holes behind the camera, thus, light can penetrate and expose the film

i looked at the pictures and all of it was RED

here are some...

i know right.. it's so 'merah' :(

im gonna try again with my 120mm film later!!


i was actually watching zombieland for the 2nd time and notice one part where
they were smoking weed like the people here in Malaysia smoke their shisha in the mamak restaurant.

according to the urban dictionary
weed is....."God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely"
haha the urban dictionary lots of wicket stuff about everything. so don't take it seriously!

of course weed is illegal in Malaysia.
watching movies of people getting high and especially from That 70's Show,
i always wondered how it's like.

have any of u guys ever smoke pot? do share ur experience :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


today i went out with Ayah to go to a Homeopathy place in Kg. B*** (bukan mencarut ok)

this is due to my severe back-pain i had since the past couple of months..
it causes me to

1. HAVE to sleep with pillow under my back
2. can't sit on a plastic chair more than 15 minutes
3. have to do my assignments on my bed or sofa DEPAN TV (mcm boleh je?)
4. can't bend down laju2
5. can't give my cats a bath
6. rasa mcm nak bgn & stretching ketika lecturer sdg memberi informasi
7. Kalau cooking kena cekak pinggang lama2 sambil mengacau hidangan seperti makcik

Ayah asked me why/when this starts? i said idk coz seriously idk what triggered it.
nak ckp my activities tp not really coz i've been doing lots of stuff sejak dulu lagi. of war.
everything normal

still idk y..
then, tgk2 Homeopathy kt Kg B**** tu dah tutup. n its almost 3pm (on a Saturday)
so went to Gleneagles Ampang. No doc on duty pulak :(

so.. so.. dah la jam.. then kita pun g NZ mkn nasi kandar. huhu..

oh oh oh post ni memang bahasa ROJAK pun tp layan je la k :)
bye! nanti nenek akan memberi informasi kalau sakit belakang nek dah baik

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

we won!

Yesterday was the continuation of the Nottingham University Futsal Club (NUFC) annual league..
(not the World Cup)

There were 7 teams playing against each other and yesterday was the finale.

Jivu, Sumayya Bessi, Priyanka, Tharu, Esraa and me were in the black team named Arselona/matata.
Im not quite sure what Matata meant because the East African girls named it and they won't tell me what it means.

anyway, WE WON!
and here's a picture of the medal we got :)

It was really fun playing with the girls coz we rocked as a unit :P

Saturday, April 2, 2011

United we stand

Divided we fall…

Just a few hours ago, my uni had a World Cup tournament. I joined the Malaysian female futsal and we lost. We were against Botswana, East Africa and Mauritius. Pakistan forfeited.

I didn’t really care that we lose, coz we played hard. Really hard. But what was so embarrassing was that when we were playing, lots of supporters came and support. Fun yeah? Not!

The one that came didn’t came to support us but for their respective country. Not Malaysia. Singing and cheering lively..

Get this. I’m studying in an international university. It’s situated in Malaysia for God’s sake.

But none Malaysian came to even cheer and watch the game.

So much for 1MALAYSIA